Setalla, Stetson – 11″ Tall Jar with Eagle Tail Design

9"w x 11"h

$ 875.00

Stetson Setalla is a grandson of Paqua Naha (Frogwoman) and the son of Pauline Setalla. His brother Dee and sisters Gwen Setalla and Agnes Nahsonhoya also make pottery. Stetson began making pottery at the age of 19.  This is a large water jar with a low shoulder and an elongated neck.  The body of the jar has four large eagle tail designs.  Around the neck are bird, cloud, and corn designs. The jar is painted with bee-weed and red and brown clay slips.  The jar was traditionally fired so there are blushes from the firing. It is signed on the bottom with his name “S. Setalla”.