Setalla, Stetson – Tile with Hummingbird and Bird Tail Designs

5.75" x 8"

$ 225.00

Stetson Setalla is a son of noted potter Pauline Setalla and the brother of Dee Setalla and Gwen Setalla.  This long tile is fully polished.  It has a large hummingbird (or Hummingbird moth) to the left with a plant.  To the right are bird wing and bird tail designs.  It is painted with bee-weed (black) and additional brown and red clay.  There are strong blushes from the firing. It is signed on the back “S. Setalla”.

“Did you know?  This design is usually called a “hummingbird” pattern. However, in reality, it is most likely the depiction of a hawk or “hummingbird” moth (Manduca quinquemaculata), which has a flexible proboscis.  The figure above the large eye represents the feathery antennae of the hawk moth.  The plant to the right is a datura on which the hawk moth feeds.”