Swentzell, Roxanne – “Indian On the Edge” Original Clay Figure

14"w x 17.75"h

$ 11,000.00

This is an exceptional original clay piece by Roxanne Swentzell.  It is entitled “Indian On the Edge”.  The figure is one of the few males she has made during her career.  There is a look of uncertainty in the eyes of the eyes of the figure as he is looking over the edge. The piece sits almost flat but when placed on the edge it balances out.  Roxanne had said of this piece, that, its quizzical look and inability to sit evenly on a flat surface is about the feeling of being stranded between two cultures and unable to be comfortable in either one.  It is definitely a powerful piece of her work and a great statement on the lives of many native artists. The hair is sculpted with clay hair ties which extend to the back and the side.  The parrot feathers are tied in bundles and added to the piece. The sculptural quality of the hands and feet is striking on this figure.  This piece is in perfect condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It is from early 2000 and signed in the clay, “ROX”.

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