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Swentzell, Roxanne – “Admiration” Original Clay Figure

Swentzell, Roxanne – “Admiration” Original Clay Figure

10"w w x 14"h
$ 12,000.00
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This is a striking original clay piece by Roxanne Swentzell.  It is entitled “Admiration”.  It is one of the classic style pieces by Roxanne.  Here the potter is holding two of her pieces of pottery.  There is something so endearing about the look on her face as she is looking at her pottery.  The two bowls are part of the figure so this is all one piece.  It is equally remarkable that both bowls are Mimbres in styles.  This harkens back to the early Mimbres pre-historic pottery, considered some of the best and most refined ancient art in the world.  The connection of the past with this innovative artist of the present and her impact on the future certainly reads throughout this wold piece.  Note as well feet, the movement of the hands, the face, are all perfectly scuplted.  Roxanne is able to achieve such a sense of emotion in the faces of her figures!  This piece is in perfect condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  There is a monumental bronze similar in style to this piece in clay which is located at Roxanne’s studio in Pojoaque (see last photo).  This piece is from early 2000 and signed in the clay, “ROX”.

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