Tafoya, Jennifer (Moquino) -Jar with Animals of the Rio Grande Valley

5"w x 3.75"h

$ 3,800.00

Jennifer Tafoya is known for her clay vessels and also her amazing animal figures!  This jar is a striking shape with a wide shoulder and short neck.  The top of the jar is fully designed with animals from the Rio Grande River valley in New Mexico. There is a Blue Heron, painted turtle, Yellow Perch, and a bullfrog.  They are very intricately designed and etched into the clay.  They are highlighted with additional clay slips.  NOte the details on the shell of the turtle, the feathers on the heron and the frog!  The bottom of the jar is also designed and with a style that is new to Jennifer’s pottery. There are etched dragonflies encircling the bottom of the piece.  Note the larger dragonflies, which were patined black-on-black first before the piece was fired.  They are etched with a simple outline.  The jar is complex in design on a very highly polished surface. All the various colors are derived from natural clay slips.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.