Tafoya, Jennifer – Seedpot with Birds & Flowers

2.25"w x 2.75"h

$ 1,275.00

Jennifer Tafoya is known for her clay vessels and also her amazing animal figures!  This larger seedpot is etched with birds, avanyu and flower. The entire piece is fully polished and then etched.  On one side is a Blue Tit (Eurasian). Note the little berries on the branches!  The other side has a Red Warbler (Mexican).   The area behind the bird has been accented with micaceous clay.  Note the precision in the etching of the feathers and the wings on each bird!  Extending across the piece are flowers on one side and an avanyu on the other.  The entire piece is a striking combination of design and detail.  The highly polished surface is a perfect background to this intricate jar.  All the various colors are derived from natural clay slips with some acrylic highlight to the birds for non-clay colors.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Jennifer Tafoya”.