Takala, Jason – Large Double Overlay “Migration Pattern” Seedpot

4" diameter

$ 3,200.00

Jason Takala has long been one of the most sought after Hopi jewelers creating the classic double overlay.  Each piece is creatively designed and then cut out of sterling silver or gold and then soldered to the second piece of silver.  As long as I have known Jason, he has been fascinated with making “pottery” in silver.  This seedpot is one that we have been discussing for years.  I have long challenged him to make a piece inspired by Hopi-Tewa pottery designs.  This piece is inspired by the classic Blackbird migration pattern seen in Hopi-Tewa pottery (see last photo of the seedpot and a jar by Fannie Nampeyo).  What is amazing about the piece is not just the classic design, but how much cutting and work there is to create the pattern in silver.  It is cut out of silver and then all the pieces are soldered onto another piece of silver (the double overlay) and then the top half is soldered onto the bottom half to make it a seedpot!  A lot skill goes into every aspect of this piece.  It is also one of the larger silver vessel pieces we have had from him.  It is stamped on the back with his signature.

I’m am pleased to once again be working with Jason Takala.  My parents worked with him for years at our store in Colorado in the 1980s-2000.  His creative and distinctive jewelry, as well as his famous seedpots, are what have made him so famous.  However, it is a great friendship and connection of almost 40 years that is an important part of having his work here in our galleries!

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