Tso, Jared – “A Distant Storm” 14″ Wide Cloud Jar with Rain Rim

14"w x 8.5"h

$ 4,400.00

This is a large jar by Jared Tso.  He is one of the rising stars of Native pottery.  He is a grandson of potter Faye Tso and his pottery is exceptionally refined in technique and traditional in style.  Each piece is coil-built from traditional native Navajo clay and traditionally fired.  This large jar has six rounded “ribs” that are pushed out from the inside.  Jared says they remind him of clouds.  Technically it is difficult to create a piece this wide with evenly spaced rounded sections that are pushed out from the inside!  The neck has sixteen shap-edged points.  The vertical edges of the rim are meant to represent the virga, or rain that you see in the distance, surrounded by clouds. The jar was slipped with white clay and then polished. OF course, it is the firing that is so spectacular!  The black and white coloration is a result of the firing and is stunning!  What you can’t see is that the inside of the jar was covered in pinon pitch after the firing.  It’s as if the “world” is below the swirling clouds.  Everything on this jar seems to be in motion!  It is exciting to see an artist find inspiration in the historic work, and, using the same clays, refine them in a modernistic manner.  The jar is signed, “Jared Tso”.