Tso, Jared – “A Splash of Water” 12″ Wide Open Bowl with Swirling Polish

12.5"w x 3.5"h

$ 1,800.00

Jared Tso is one of the rising stars of Native pottery.  He is a grandson of potter Faye Tso and his pottery is exceptionally refined in technique and traditional in style.  Each piece is coil-built from traditional native Navajo clay and traditionally fired.  This wide bowl is made from traditional clay.  The exterior is fully polished in a swirling style. The interior is scrapped with a dry corn cob to create a textural appearance.  The rim is what is so fascinating on the piece, as there are 33 sharp, indented sections.  When looking at the bowl it appears as if there are water droplets hitting the bowl.  Jared said that the style of exterior “rim” is traditional on Navajo pottery and represents water.  On this piece is has the additional sense of motion created in the use of the polished and matte surface.  Jared also noted that the piece was meant to be held, as if the ridges would help the holder keep it even, and the splash of water would find its way back into the bowl.  The bowl was traditionally tired to a silvery black coloration.  The interior is a grayish coloration and the interior a nearly metallic black.  Overall, an exceptional coloration! The jar is signed, “Jared Tso”.