Tso, Jared – Double Circle Corrugated Jar

5.5"w x 8.5"h

$ 2,600.00

This is a creative corrugated jar by Jared Tso.  He is a grandson of potter Faye Tso and his pottery is exceptionally refined in technique and traditional in style.  Each piece is coil-built from traditional native Navajo clay and traditionally fired.  This jar has two sections that at are coiled in a circle on each side.  They are “corrugated”, that is, he left the actual coils exposed and then he incised a design on the surface.  Each side has a corrugated circle and they are joined by coil-built sections that are polished.  I know you will ask how this piece was made, and all I can say is that it is a technical style that Jared has created.  At the moment, it is his proprietary creative design.   The corrugated pieces, as you might imagine, are very time-consuming but the results are visually spectacular.  The jar was then reduction fired to make it a silvery black.  The first time Jared created one of his “multi-directional corrugated” pieces, he won the prestigious “Tony Da Award for Creativity” (2022 SFIM).  It is exciting to see an artist find inspiration in ancient corrugated pottery and then, using the same clays, create something so dynamic.  Vessels such as this find strength in their traditional techniques yet are refined in a modern manner.  The jar is signed, “Jared Tso”.