Tso, Jr., Damon – Clay Horned Lizard with Carved Scalesl

4" long

$ 250.00

Damon Tso, Jr., is a self-taught potter.  He began making pottery in 2003 and each piece is coil-built and made from clay that he sources from near his home in Buffalo Springs, New Mexico.  This is one of his figurative horned lizards.  The piece is made with native clay and is sculptural in appearance.  The head is carved with layers of scales. The back has six rows of tightly carved angular “scales”.  The scales are polished and slipped with mica.  The lizard was traditionally fired.   It is signed, “Damon Tso, Jr.” on the bottom.

Why the horned lizard?

“In the Diné culture Horned Toad is addressed as “grandpa” (shicheii). It possesses spiritual power. When you see one, pick it up and rub it on your chest and say, “I will be in good health and harmony.” If you have corn pollen sprinkle it as an offering and then let the horned lizard loose where you found it. You will then have good health and harmony. It is believed that the horned toad is dressed with an armored shield, which is called arrowhead. The spiky horns on the body represent the arrowheads. This protects the horned toad from predators. It was placed on earth with songs and prayers so that in the future the Diné would utilize it. The Diné still know and use its sacred prayers and songs for protection.”  Traditional Dine Teachings on Wildlife (1998)