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Victorino, Sandra – Jar with Butterfly & Flower Swirls

Victorino, Sandra – Jar with Butterfly & Flower Swirls

8.25"w x 9.25"h
$ 1,300.00
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Sandra Victorino is  a niece of noted potter Dorothy Torivio.    Sandra has her own unique style of “op-art”, where the patterns start small, then get larger and then smaller again on the vessel.  These pieces reflect the variety and intricacy of her pottery designs. This jar has the white clay painted with the black bee-weed, creating a very modern appearance.  The design on the jar is a series of butterfly patterns (the oval shapes), which create interlocking butterfly wings.  There are flower patterns and fine-line rain designs which separate the butterflies.  The intricacy of the designs and the use of the op-art imagery adds to the sophistication of the jar!  Sandra creates a beautiful sense of balance between the form and design.

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