Virginia Romero – Large “Bean Pot” with Lid (1970’s)

9.25"w x 8.5"h (w/ lid)

$ 325.00

This is a traditional Taos bean jar by Virginia Romero. She is one of the great names in keeping micaceous pottery alive at Taos Pueblo.  This jar is made from micaceous clay.  It has a round body and a slightly flaring rim. There are handles on each side.  This style of jar is called a “bean pot” and traditionally is used to cook beans.  I’ve tried it (not in this jar!) and it makes fantastic beans!  The jar has a lid, also with a handle. The piece was traditionally fired which created the colorations on the surface.  This is a larger piece of her pottery.  The bowl is signed and dated on the bottom, “Virginia T. Romero”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair but some wear near the base.