Westika, Gaylon – Two-Tone Large Water Jar with Rain Designs

11"w x 10.5"h

$ 900.00

Gaylon Westika is the son of noted potters Anderson and Avelia Peynetsa.  Each piece is coil built and painted with classic Zuni imagery.  This large jar is a striking shape with a round body and a short turned-out rim.  The jar is two colors, with a red clay slip on the bottom and an orangish color with red highlights above the shoulder.  The bottom half of the jar is painted with complex rain and lightning designs.  Note the fine lines for the rain. The top half has rain clouds, rainbirds, and lighting designs. The jar is complex and fluid in design. It is signed on the bottom, “Gaylon Weskita”.  Gaylon says of his art:

“I work hard to develop pottery that speaks both to me and others about the beauty that exists here in Zuni. With the completion of each piece, I believe the breath of my ancestors live on, reminding us of the Zuni culture, traditional design and lifestyle we strive to preserve.” Gaylon Westika