Youngblood, Nancy – Black 16 Straight Rib Melon Bowl

2.25"w x 2"h

$ 2,500.00

This is a classic straight ribbed melon bowl by Nancy Youngblood.  The bowl is coil built and each rib is deeply carved into the clay.  The depth of the carving and the symmetry of each rib is exceptional. This is certainly one of the enduring aspects of her incredible artistry.  Each rib is then polished with a stone to achieve the shine.  Although it is a small piece, consider that each rib has two sides and how much surface area there is for this piece! Nancy says she can only polish three ribs in one sitting as they are so time-consuming.  There is something visually striking about the symmetry and depth of her straight 16 rib pieces and how the light hits the surface.   Nancy has a particular stone that allows her to polish so deeply.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Nancy Youngblood 2021”.  While it may be a small piece, it is certainly spectacular and an iconic work by this renowned artist.