Youngblood, Nancy – Large Box with Horses & Melon Rib Lid

6.5"w x 7.5"h (w/ lid)

$ 23,000.00

It is not often that Nancy Youngblood finishes a box as complicated or as intricate as this piece!  Boxes are inherently difficult to make with chances that they will crack in the drying or firing stages.  As well, making a box at this size is even more difficult. The result, however, is spectacular. This box has four horses, one on each side.  Nancy won a  “Best of Show” award for one of her first large vessels with a horse on it a few years ago.  For this box, she has taken the horse concept and extrapolated it out onto the entire surface. Each horse is carved in a running position with tails and manes flying.  The muscles are rounded out giving each horse a more defined appearance.  Above each horse is a cloud and raindrops are also carved into the clay. It is the lid which actually ties this piece together.  The top is fully carved with melon ribs which create the “clouds” swirling above the horses. The ribs of the clouds connect to the clouds above the horses, adding another dimension to the box.  Finally, the surface has been polished with Nancy’s trademark high shine.  Using a stone, she polishes the surface to a glassy appearance.  Simply.  Stunning.  The interior and rim of the box are slipped with mica, which is a subtle addition to the piece.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.  The final photo is of Nancy holding the box, just to give a sense of how big it really is!