Youngblood, Nathan – 10″ Tall Water Jar with Rain and Springs Designs

6.75"w x 10.25"h

$ 11,000.00

This is a classic elongated neck water jar by Nathan Youngblood.  The jar is carved around the shoulder with a complex cloud and rain design.  The cloud and rain pattern interconnect as the jar is turned.  Interestingly, Nathan has carved into the negative space near the base of the jar. This carving is meant to represent the underground springs which absorb and then distribute the rain from above.  Note how they flow and curl around the side and to the base of the jar.  The remainder of the piece is fully polished to a glassy appearance.   The balance of the form, polish and carving are all central to the work of Nathan Youngblood.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay with his name and hallmarked name in Tewa.