Youngblood, Nathan – Tri-Color Reverse Dragonfly and Cloud Bowl

6.5"w x 3.75"h

$ 4,000.00

This is a classic bowl by Nathan Youngblood.  He is well known for his deeply carved pottery and use of both traditional Santa Clara and other designs. This bowl is deeply carved with traditional designs.  On one side there are two dragonflies in the reverse space of the design.  Look at the matte area next to the red polished area in the first photo.  It is the space between them and the carved away horizontal lines which are the dragonflies.  As the bowl is turned there additional cloud, rain, lightning and kiva step designs.  The deeply carved areas are fully polished red.  The top and bottom bands are polished tan.   The deep red clay slip on this jar is exceptional and contrasts perfectly with the tan and matte areas.  While the shape, carving, and designing might seem like enough, Nathan also takes his pottery one step further. After it is fired, he uses small screwdrivers and scrapes the sides of the carved designs and the recessed areas, to create a visually striking contrast.  This style has been called, “the new Santa Clara polychrome”, although I usually called it “tri-color” with the variations of red, matte and buff areas.  It is signed on the back in the clay with his name and deer tracks, which represent his name in Tewa.

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