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Marie Chino

Marie Z. Chino

Marie Chino

Marie Chino is one of the Matriarchs of Acoma pueblo. Her children and grandchildren are numerous and include potters Grace Chino, Rose Chino, Tena Garcia, Carol Chino and others. Her pottery forms are amazingly uniform and renown for being a perfect blend of form and design. Marie Z. Chino's pottery can be found in the book, "14 Families in Pueblo Pottery" along with numerous other publications.

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Chino, Marie Z. – Large Rainbow Water Jar with Heartline Deer and Parrots (1970’s)

This is an exceptional large water jar by Marie Z. Chino.  The piece is from the 1970’s and it is a striking shape and design. The jar has a high shoulder and a straight neck.  The design is a series of alternating Heartline Deer and parrots.  Separating them is a rainbow design.  Note how the parrots are painted in red with no outline, as are the flowers.  The black areas include rain designs and fine-line patterns.  The shape of the jar and the designs are a perfect balance as the imagery flows across the surface of the piece.  It is easy to see with a jar of this quality in form and design why Marie Z. Chino is one of the great names in Acoma pottery!  The jar is signed on the bottom.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

$ 2,800.00
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