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Anderson Peynetsa is the son of Wilma Jean Peynetsa and the brother if Priscilla Peynetsa. He began making pottery in the eighth grade. His pottery involves gathering the clay and the natural pigments used to paint the designs on the pottery from the area around the Zuni Pueblo. Anderson is often aided by his wife, Aurelia, who polishes his pottery before he paints the designs.

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Peynetsa, Anderson – Large Duck Figure with 6 Deer

Anderson Peynetsa is known for his vessels as well as his figurative pottery.  This duck figure is one of his technically amazing pieces.  The figure is opened at the top and has extended pieces of clay at the head and tail.  It is fully painted but it is the use of the heartline deer around the body of the piece which is so striking.  They are painted in his own style with the elongated necks.  Anderson has an elegant and modern stylization of the heartline deer on his pottery.  It is fascinating how a piece can appear both modern and yet reflect cultural history and charm.  The area above and below the deer painted with a mottled red and black over the white.  The piece is complex in both form and design.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.

$ 1,600.00
Peynetsa, Anderson – Jar with 12 Heartline Deer

This is a striking olla by Anderson Peynetsa. The jar is a beautiful shape with a wide shoulder, a slight indention before the neck and a slightly turned out rim.  The body of the jar is painted with painted with two rows of heartline deer. All together there are 12 of them on this jar!  Each deer is very tightly painted and they are stylized with thin legs. Each deer is surrounded by a prayer feather and cloud pattern.  The additional designs adds to the dynamic appearance of this jar.  The heartline deer is a classic image in Zuni pottery, with the heart representing the strength and spirit of the animal. Anderson has signed the bowl on the bottom.

$ 1,000.00
Peynetsa, Anderson – Turtle Bowl

This is a charming bowl by Anderson Peynetsa. It is made using the red clay and  the bowl is in the shape of a turtle on its back.  The sides of the piece are fully painted and there is a swirling rainbird design.  Anderson has signed the bowl on the bottom.  Yes, definitely charming.

$ 300.00
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