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Aguilar, Joe – Bowl with Rain Cloud Designs (1950’s)

Aguilar, Joe – Bowl with Rain Cloud Designs (1950’s)

7.75"w x 3"h
$ 650.00
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Joe Aguilar began his career painting pottery for his mother, Susana Aguilar,  He also made pottery with his wife, Rosalie, through the 1940’s.  In the 1950’s, after the passing of Rosalie, he created a fascinating group of polychrome pottery including both plates and vessels.  He was one of the few potters at the time still using traditional techniques and designs for his work. This wide bowl is slipped red on the inside and creame on the outside.  It is painted in black with a rain cloud and rain designs. The use of the lines in his design was a signature of his painting.  On this bowl the pattern is repeated four times.  The bowl is in very good condition with no cracks, restoration or repair.   It is signed on the bottom, “Joe Aguilar”.

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