Aguilar, Rosalie – Gunmetal Bowl with Carved Avanyu (1930s)

5.25"w x 3.75"h

$ 675.00

Rosalie Aguilar is known for her creative carved and painted pottery.  While she worked with her husband, Joe Aguilar, she also made pieces on her own. This creative bowl has a water serpent (avanyu) as the main design.  It is deeply carved into the clay in a cameo style. The area around the avanyu is fully carved away so it appears to be in relief on the bowl.  This cameo style was begun by Rose Gonzales and this style is definitely an early version. The rim and avanyu are highly polished and the bowl was fired to a gunmetal coloration, which is a result of a very high firing.  The bowl is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  It is signed, “Rosalie” on the bottom in the clay.