American Indian Art Magazine Vol. 12, #4 (1987)

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American Indian Art Magazine was one of the premier Native Art Magazines for over 40 years.  Many of the issues have become classics for their insightful articles on everything from pottery to beadwork.  The magazine closed a few years ago and I bought out the remaining issues that were focused on the pottery so each one we are listing is now fully sold out!   All issues are in perfect condition.

This is Vol. 12, #4 from 1987. As I looked it over to add to the gallery, I forgot how many important articles there were in one issue!  Of course, the article, “Martina Vigil and Florentino Montoya: Master Potters of San Ildefonso and Cochiti Pueblos” by Johnathan Batkin remains an important read.  If you have seen the exhibition on San Ildefonso pottery at MIAC, many of the pieces there are featured in this article! It follows the history of the “Cochiti white slip” introduction into San Ildefonso pottery.  The footnotes are as interesting as the article with little tidbits of information!

Two other articles, “Zia Matte Paint Pottery: A 300 Year History” and “How Old is that Acoma Pot?” are both great articles.  I keep seeing people ask on Social Media how old their Acoma jar is and this article gives some great identifiers of pieces from the 1880s to 1900.

Those, they called them Monos: Cochiti Figurative Ceramics 1875-1905” is a brief but interesting read about the evolution of figurative work in Cochiti pottery.  Did you know that the monos figurative work was last created no later than 1905 and it wasn’t until Virgil Ortiz began his revival of Monos as figures of social commentary in 1990 that they returned as an art form?

Finally, “Brown Earth and Laughter: The Clay People of Nora Naranjo-Morse” is a beautifully illustrated article about her creative figurative work.  Shipping is included.