American Indian Art Magazine Vol. 40, #1 (2014)

$ 10.00

American Indian Art Magazine was one of the premier Native Art Magazines for over 40 years.  Many of the issues have become classics for their insightful articles on everything from pottery to beadwork.  The magazine closed a few years ago and I bought out the remaining issues that were focused on the pottery so each one we are listing is now fully sold out!   All issues are in perfect condition.

This is Vol. 40 #1 and it was the 40th Anniversary issue.  The one pottery article in this issue is entitled, “The Pots that Launched a Revolution (or at Least a Revival)” by David Schramm. It is focused on the Sikyatki pottery and the work of Nampeyo.  Obviously, it is the Sikyatki pottery from 1385-1629 which are the pieces which, when dug up, started a revival of Hopi-Tewa pottery.  I think it is a fascinating story about the revival of an art form.  It also speaks to much of Pueblo pottery as a revival of older, ancient designs (think Mimbres designs in Acoma and Santa Clara pottery). I’ll admit, it’s a bit technical.  The final section of the article focuses on the work of Nampeyo and her interpretation of Sikyatki designs.  If you can get through the technical portions and make it to the end, you might have a new appreciation for the designs used on today’s Hopi-Tewa pottery! 

They are new and in excellent condition.  Shipping is included.