Antonio, Frederica – Five Color Indented Shoulder Jar with Corn Design

7"w x 5.25"h

$ 2,800.00

This is the only the second time Frederica Antonio has created a piece with an indented shoulder.  The jar is coil built and the shoulder dips down before rising up to a short neck. The shape is inspired by pottery from Chaco Canyon, as well as work by Lucy Lewis (see last photo).  Frederica paints her pottery with bee-weed (black) and clay slips. Her designs are a series of fine vertical and horizontal lines which are then filled in to create larger images in the squares.  This jar has polychrome corn pattern around the neck.  In this section she paints the lines, then adds the color and then paints the lines again!  Along the shoulder is a very tightly painted cloud design.  Below the shoulder is something new.  She created a polychrome corn pattern using red clay for the lines, instead of the black bee-weed.  She painted the red lines, then then filled in the color and then painted the red clay lines again.  It is a very time consuming and exacting process to keep painting over the same lines and not make a mistake. The coloration of the base of the jar is striking with the various clay slip colorations in contrast with the black-and-white of the shoulder.   The base of the jar is concave, reminiscent of historic Acoma jars which were carried on the head.  This combination of thin walls, classic shape, and tightly painted design creates a piece that is visually stunning!  The jar is signed on the bottom, “F. V. Antonio”.