Antonio, Frederica – Four Color “Sunset Clouds” Water Jar

6.5"w x 7"h

$ 3,200.00

This is a colorful and detailed water jar by Federica Antonio. The piece has a round shape with an elongated neck.  The neck is painted with a rain design swirling down to the shoulder. The body of the jar has two black-and white cloud sections. They are separated with five-color sunset cloud patterns.  Note how they appear to change shape and form in the various rows! Great op-art design!  The painting process in the two colorful sides on this piece is one that she rarely likes to do as it is so time-consuming. Each square is outlined with bee-weed, then filled in with a clay slip and THEN it is painted over again so that the lines are differentiated between each color.  It is much more time-consuming but it is also much more visually dynamic.  This combination of thin walls, classic shape, and tightly painted design creates a piece that is visually stunning!  The jar is signed on the bottom, “F. V.  Antonio”.