Antonio, Frederica – Water Jar with Bird Wing Neck and Four Season Designs

5.5"w x 6.5"h

$ 2,000.00

This is a colorful jar by Frederica Antonio. Each piece is coil built and then finely painted. Her designs are a series of fine vertical and horizontal lines that are then filled in to create larger images in the squares.  This jar has a round shape with an elongated neck. The neck is painted with two different colors of clay along with black (bee-weed) and white.  The design around the neck is a classic bird wing pattern separated by a red and tan checkerboard pattern.  Interestingly, on the neck, this style of her painting is among the most time-consuming, as she has to paint the square first, then add the colorful clay, then paint over the color again so that a black line separated each square!  The body of the jar has a lightning and cloud pattern extending from the shoulder to near the base.  It is separated by a black-and-white four seasons design of corn, rain, lightning, and clouds. The jar is creatively diverse in design from top to bottom.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “F. V.  Antonio”.