Blue Corn – Polychrome Jar Feathers and Checkerboard Designs (1970s)

6.5"w x 6.25"h

$ 1,600.00

WOW! This is a striking jar by Blue Corn.  She is certainly one of the most creative potters of her time with a varied use of clays and firing techniques to create her distinctive pottery. This piece has a round, sloping shape and a short neck.  The entire jar is fully polished tan.   The neck has a checkerboard pattern and there is a feather design around the sides of the jar.  Blue Corn used black clay for the designs and highlighted it with ochre-colored clay.  Near the base are additional bands of color, including a band of green, giving the jar four colors and making it “polychrome”, or more than three colors.  The piece was traditionally fired.  It is signed in the clay, “Blue Corn”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.

Blue Corn: All the Colors of the Clay