Candelario, Hubert – Concave Bowl with Holes and Lid (2020)

3"w x 5"h (w/ lid)

$ 2,500.00

This is an extraordinary piece by Hubert Candelario.  He is one of the few potters from San Felipe Pueblo.  He has been known for his micaceous pottery for over thirty years.  This piece is a creative departure in his pottery using his signature “holes”.  The vessel itself is concave on two sides.  There are holes of various sizes on each side.  On the “edge” of the bowl, the holes start small at the base, get larger, and then smaller again as they approach the opening of the lid.  There is a carved band on each side that is slipped with black clay.  The lid is also concave and has tiny holes cut through the surface.  It perfectly fits the opening.  Did you know that Hubert has to apply between 6 and 8 layers of mica on the piece to get an even consistency of coloration? It is a time-consuming process.  The piece and the lid are both signed on the bottom, “Hubert Candelario”.  Exceptional!