Chino, Marie Z. – Seedpot with with Interlocking Stars (1970s)

3"w x 2.5"h

$ 225.00

This is a small seedpot by Marie Z. Chino.  Marie is famous as one of the revivalists at Acoma Pueblo, along with Lucy M. Lewis, Jessie Garcia, and a few others.  This seedpot is thin-walled and tightly painted.  There are interlocking eight-point and four-point stars.  There are two rows of star and in addition, there is a single six-sided star when looking down from the top.  The lines are very thin and delicate.  The black-and-white designs give the jar a graphic and modernist appearance.  The seedpot was traditionally fired so there are some very slight color variations to the white.  It is signed, “Marie Z. Chino”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.