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Da, Tony – “Corn Dancer” Original Casein Painting (1975)

Da, Tony – “Corn Dancer” Original Casein Painting (1975)

13" x 17.5" Painting 21.75" x 26.75" Framed
$ 6,500.00
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Tony Da is famous for his intricately etched and stylized pottery.  However, throughout his career he always wanted to be known as a painter.  His early work was all painted in casein and then after 1977 he also began to paint with acrylic.  This painting is from 1975 and one of his few later figurative pieces. The detail in the corn dancer is extraordinary, with little details on the branches in his hands.  As well, the very angular nature of the figure harkens back to some of his earliest paintings from the 1960’s, with elongated and angular figures.  The coloration and movements is  exceptional, as is the subject matter.  The painting is signed in the lower right corner “DA”.  It is in its original frame and the painting was originally purchased from Tony in 1975.   Paintings of his in this style and quality are certainly among the most visionary of his career.

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