Da, Tony – Serigraph “Fetish Bear” 128/150 (1995)

21" x 21" unframed 29.5" x 29" framed

$ 2,000.00

Tony Da was famous for his intricately etched pottery as well as his unique abstract paintings.  While he was unable to continue making pottery after his accident in 1982, he did a few additional paintings along with one original serigraph.  The serigraph was an edition of 150 and was based on one of his earlier paintings.  A serigraph is created with a silkscreen process, so each piece is an original as the paints are applied and it is run through the press.  This serigraph was entitled, “Fetish Bear” and was printed in 1995.  Each piece was hand signed and numbered by Tony Da.  There are two versions of the serigraph. There is one without stones and one with turquoise stones added.  The ones with the turquoise have a single stone in the center and 16 smaller stones on the mountain design surrounding the bear.  This serigraph does not have stones. It is number 128/150 and it is in excellent condition.  The serigraph is framed.  This is a great way to own a piece by Tony Da!