Duwyenie, Debra – Black Seedpot with 9 Hummingbirds

2.5"w x 2.5"h

$ 500.00

This seedpot was made by Perston Duwyenie and polished and incised by Debra Duwyenie.  The design has a series of nine hummingbirds and flowers across the top of the piece.  The etched designs are all done before the piece is fired.  The matte black areas are parts of the design in which the polished slip is scratched away leaving the matte gray areas.  The complexity of the design is amazing on this piece, especially how the flowers and bird wings all seem to interconnect!  To get such lines in etched pottery is amazing.  Debra is one of the few potters who etches her pieces before they are fired, which adds to the risk if they are damaged in firing.  It is signed on the bottom with Preston’s hallmark and Debra’s name.