Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – 12 Turtles and Silver Turtle Lid Seedpot

2.5"w x 2.25"h (w/ lid)

$ 850.00

Debra Duwyenie is well known for her wonderful miniatures and incised designs. Each piece is stone polished and then it is etched before it is fired! This seedpot has twelve turtles encircling the piece.  Each of them has a different design etched onto its back.  The turtles are surrounded by lots of fish and there is a wave design around the opening on the opening.  Debra typically etches one of the turtles to have a “shifting sand” design to represent her husband, Preston Duwyenie.  On this piece, it is the lid, which is in the shape of a turtle, was made by Preston.  The back of the turtle on the lid has the shifting sand pattern which is cast from cuttlefish!  Note that the lighter red matte areas are where Debra has only etched away the polished surface but not down as far as the tan color of the clay. Debra also pays close attention to the little details like the tan background area and how evenly she etches the vertical lines.  The bottom of the lid is stamped with Preston’s hallmark. and the bottom of the seedpot is signed by both.