Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – 7 Turtles, Quail, Hummingbirds and Silver Lid

2.75"w x 3.25"h (w/ lid)

$ 900.00

Debra Duwyenie is well known for her wonderful miniatures and incised designs. Each piece is stone polished and then it is etched before it is fired! This seedpot is one of her most complex designs.  Around the top is a feather pattern.  Below are clouds and then a series of hummingbirds, quail, butterflies, and flowers.  There is a lot of movement in the pieces with all the birds and butterflies!  The flowers are tightly etched. The area in the center of the flower with the lighter matte red is where Debra has etched away from the polished surface but not as deep as the tan clay.  It’s a very subtle process.  Below the birds are seven turtles.  Each turtle has a different design on its shell.  One turtle has a wavy design and it represents Preston and his shifting sand design of pottery.  The turtles are surrounded by a LOT of fish.  The lid was made by Preston Duwyenie and it is cast from cuttlefish bone in silver.  It is a fan shape and has a shifting sand type appearance on both sides. The bottom of the seedpot is signed by Debra and with Preston’s hallmark.