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Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – Seedpot with Hummingbirds, Sun & Silver Lid

Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – Seedpot with Hummingbirds, Sun & Silver Lid

2.75"w x 3.75"h (w/ lid)
$ 1,100.00
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Debra Duwyenie is well known for her wonderful miniatures and incised designs. Each piece is stone polished and then it is etched before it is fired! This seedpot is a larger piece for Debra and amazingly complicated with its designs!  The matte red areas are parts of the design in which the polished slip is scratched away leaving the matte red.  Note in the tan area of the background that more deeply incised lines.  The complexity of the design is amazing on this piece, especially how the flowers and bird wings all seem to interconnect!  There are birds and flower across the entire surface of the piece. On one side is a sun or Tewa design with the surrounding feather pattern and the opposite has a rainbow.  The lid is made by Preston Duwyenie.  It is silver cast against cuttlefish bone to create the design.  The bottom of the silver lid and the bottom of the seedpot are both signed.  It is stunning in the complexity, polishing and complement of the lid with the imagery on the piece!

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