Duwyenie, Debra – Seedpot with Sun and Hummingbird Designs

2.25"w x 2.5"h

$ 500.00

This is a classic seedpot by Debra Duwyenie.  The piece is coil-built and then stone polished.  One side has a sunface design with polished feathers and clouds.  The opposite side has a scene with hummingbirds, butterflies, and flowers. The top is etched with a star design.  The remainder has the clay etched away in a vertical manner. Notice the areas that are just matte as that is where the polished slip has been lightly etched away.  The piece has four hummingbirds, two rabbits, and two butterflies!  Interestingly, Debra does all her etching before the piece is fired, so the recessed matte area has its own linear design.  The piece is signed “Debra”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.