Ferguson, Kenneth – “Land of Enchantment” Gouache on Board (14 x 14)

14" x 14" unframed 19.5 x 19.5" framed

$ 1,800.00

This is a gouache watercolor on board by Kenneth Ferguson.  It is entitled, “Land of Enchantment“.  It is on board and finished with crystal clear archival acrylic varnish, which seals the painting off from the environment and provides strong UV protection, so there’s no need for glass.  It is perfectly framed in a classic wood frame.

Kenneth says of this piece,

Land of Enchantment (Western Raven).  From the ancient Celts of Europe to the tribal societies of North America’s Northwest Coast, Raven has assumed an important role in the spiritual beliefs of cultures around the globe, playing the role of Informer, Trickster, and Bringer of Light, to name a few. This handsome raven inhabits the high deserts of the American Southwest.

Kenneth comments on his paintings, “Much of my work pertains to history and nature; often of the American West — and specifically, the people and animals that made their home on the Great Plains. Through my paintings, I shake the dust off the past and present these traditional subject matters in a more vivid, contemporary way. My interest might be the 19th century but I paint it as a 21st-century artist.”

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