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Garcia, Jason – Pueblo Revolt 1680 Jar


Garcia, Jason – Pueblo Revolt 1680 Jar

5"w x 10"h
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This jar is graphic portrayal of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 through the eyes of Jason Garcia.  The jar is coil built and painted with native clay slips to achieve the various colors.  It is part of his series of tiles and jars which focus on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  The imagery captures both the revolt but definitely in a “Conan the Barbarian” style of graphic imagery!  Here the Pueblo warrior is defending a girl from the Conquistadors.  In the background there is billowing smoke and the burning church.  During the Pueblo Revolt the Pueblo people, led by Po’ Pay, defeated the Spanish and drove them from the Rio Grande region.  The painting on the jar is tightly executed and note the details in the figures.  The colors are all natural clay slips and the piece is traditionally fired.  It is signed on the bottom.

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