Leno, Juana – Fluted Rim Water Jar with Birds and Handles (1955)

9"w x 7"h

$ 1,100.00

Juana Leno is one of the four revivalist matriarchs of contemporary Acoma pottery (including Marie Z. Chino, Lucy Lewis, and Jessie Garcia). She was a daughter of Lupita and Jose Vallo and learned to make pottery from her grandmother Eulilia Vallo. This is one of her classic pieces.  The jar was originally purchased in 1955.  It is coil-built and fully painted. The rim of the jar is fluted and slipped red.  The outside has Acoma parrots on each side along with large flower designs.  The jar has a high shoulder and twisted handles on each side.  Note the exceptional use of design to flow from the neck to the base with open space to allow the clay to speak through the imagery.  The jar was traditionally fired so there is a slight variation in coloration. The piece is signed, “J. Leno”. It is in excellent condition and a creative piece of pottery by this important Acoma Pueblo potter!