Manymules, Samuel -Large Long Neck Jar with 12 Sharp Melon Swirls

9"w x 10.5"h

$ 2,250.00

This large jar by Samuel Manymules  has a stunning firing!  It is coil built and slipped with a red clay and then traditionally fired.  The neck of the jar is plain and extends down to the shoulder.  The jar has very sharp ribs which are pushed and pulled into the clay.  There are twelve sharp ridges that spiral down from the shoulder to the base.  While it is a classic shape, it is the firing which is dramatic.  The colors range from black to red, which is the result of the heat during the firing.  After the firing, the jar is the covered with pine pitch in the traditional way expected of Navajo pottery.  It is extraordinary vessels like this which keep Samuel among the top Navajo potters working today.  It is signed on the bottom.