Medina, Elizabeth – Jar with Zia Birds, Rainbow and Bear Lid

6.25"w x 9,75"h(w/ lid)

$ 500.00

This is a classic Zia jar with a lid by Elizabeth Medina.  She is known for her traditional style of Zia pottery.  Each piece is coil built, painted with native clays, and native fired.  This jar has a large Zia bird on each side.  They are each different in design and the tan area of the bodies is stone polished. The area above the birds has a hatchure rain design. There are tan polished clouds next to the birds and a red polished rainbow.  On the sides are cloud designs separating the birds.  The top of the jar has a lid with a red polished base and a bear on top with a bird and flower as the design.  The jar signed on the side “Elizabeth Medina, Zia”.