Naha, Rainy – “Our Past is Our Future” Pottery Shard Jar (with Ribbon)

8.5"w x 5"h

$ 2,200.00

Rainy Naha is well known for her creative and intricately designed pottery.  This jar has her classic “Shard” designs around the neck of the piece.  She says she was inspired by creating the “shard” designs from her parents.  Her father would pick up pottery shards near their ranch outside of Polacca near Hopi, and those were the inspiration for much of Helen Naha’s pottery.  Rainy continues to use ancient shards as inspiration for her designs.  The jar has a round shoulder and a sloping neck with a small mouth.  Rainy says this is one of the most time-intensive designs she paints.  The piece has numerous interlocking pottery shards.  What’s fascinating is that you can see all the different designs from Rainy’s work over the years, as well as more classic Hopi-Tewa pottery. The designs are painted with bee-weed and then additional clay slips.  The black areas are painted with bee-weed and the various colors are all derived from natural clay slips. Note how some of the colors are polished and some are matte.  The jar was traditionally fired and it is signed on the bottom with a feather and “Rainy”.  Rainy has won numerous awards for her pottery at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Market and her work continues to be a creative inspiration in Hopi-Tewa pottery. The jar has a blue ribbon from the 2021 Gallup Intertribal Ceremonials.