Naranjo, Johnathan – Pueblo Deer Dancers Water Jar

5"w x 7"h

$ 1,500.00

This is a complex design water jar by Johnathan Naranjo.  The shape is elegant with a round body and an elongated neck.  The entire piece is fully designed.  The brown coloration of the jar is derived from the firing.  The various shades of red and tan are achieved by lightly scraping away layers of the polished surface.  This technique, while difficult and time-consuming, is one for which Johnathan has become famous.  It gives his etched designs added detail, realism and depth.  This jar is fully designed.  Around the body of the piece are three Pueblo Deer Dancers.  Each is in a different state of motion and note the various levels of etching for the figures!  In the background can be seen the pueblo, mountain, and kiva.  There are even the drummers etched into the clay.  It is lot of imagery for the size of the jar.  It also captures the culture and tradition of Pueblo dances.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Johnathan Naranjo 2020”.  Johnathan has won numerous awards for his pottery and he is definitely one of the young potters to watch!