Naranjo, Johnathan – “Robin’s Message” Water Jar with Ribbon

4.25"w x 6.75"h

$ 1,800.00

This is a long neck water jar by Johnathan Naranjo.  He creates a unique style of sgraffito and etching on his pottery.  The jar is fully polished.  The jar is entitled, “Robin’s Message”.  There are three robins etched into the clay.  He creates a sense of detail, depth, and realism through his etching techniques.  The lighter red areas are where Johnathan has lightly etched away from the polished surface, but not deep enough to reveal the tan clay coloration.  It is a delicate process but one that is distinctive to his pottery style.  The jar was fired to a brown coloration and there are variations of brown across the surface. It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Johnathan Naranjo”.  Johnathan is definitely one of the young potters to watch!  The jar received the “Innovation Award” at the 2022 Heard Indian Market.