Natseway, Charmae – Tall Lidded Seed Jar with Acoma Birds

3"w x 9"h (w/o lid) 11"h (w/ Lid)

$ 900.00

Charmae Natseway is known for her exceptional painted pottery and use of distinctive forms. This is a striking tall seed jar.  It is round in shape with a slanted top.  The jar has Acoma birds painted on one side with five different colors of clay.  They are very intricate in design.  As the tall jar is turned, there are geometric bird and cloud designs painted onto the piece.  The cloud pattern almost seems to create a ladder appearance rising up the side of the jar.  The top has a flat edge before becoming flat where the lid sits. The lid is carved with oval shapes, much like the design coming up the back of the jar.   All the various colors are from natural clay slips.  The piece is signed on the bottom, “Charmae Natseway”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It is a striking balance of traditional and historic imagery in a very modern form.