No-Sun Brown, Derek – “Mind vs Body” Sumi Ink & Acrylic on Canvas (30 x 48)

30" x 48"

$ 5,500.00

Derek No-Sun Brown carries on the ancestry from the Shoshone-Bannock, Klamath, and Anishinabe people. He was raised with a strong traditional foundation and continues to maintain indigenous ways of prayer and philosophy that are evident through his art.  This painting is entitled, “Mind V. Body”.  It is Sumi Ink and acrylic on canvas. While it may seem easy, watching Derek paint with the Sumi ink has its own challenges and “control of the flow”.   The white areas on the heads of the buffalo are where Derek has removed the black Sumi ink with water to create the texture of the fur.  The painting is signed on the lower right. 

Derek said of “Charging Forward”, his current show at our gallery:

“Charging Forward is how I’ve always felt as an artist and a Native American person.  Life and art should never be stagnant.  We are water that trickles down slow from a melting glacier turning into powerful rivers carving through mountains and returning to the source to do it all again.  Everyone living right now on the planet is charging forward.  We are the future and the past combined.  We are alive.”