Ortiz, Virgil – “Runner” Pueblo Revolt Mask – Textured White with Plant Tendril, Turkey Track

3.5" x 4.5"

$ 190.00

Virgil Ortiz creates dynamic imagery,  such as the aeronauts and runners, for his series of the Pueblo Revolt 1680/2180.  This mask is inspired by the events of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  It is made from clay and has a textured white surface.  There is a band painted across the eyes and a plant tendril extending up the side of the face.  The “Runners” in the Pueblo Revolt in 1680 used tied knots in cords to count down the days to the revolt again the Spanish.  Here, Virgil has a leather cord extending out from the bottom of the mask with the tied knots.  On the face, there is a “x” or his “turkey track”, which signifies their travels and is also used on almost all his pottery creations.  The mask is signed on the back, “Virgil Ortiz”.   Shipping is included