Peynetsa, Anderson – 16″ Tall Clay Duck Figure with 11 Heartline Deer

12"w x 16"h

$ 1,750.00

Anderson Peynetsa is known for his vessels as well as his figurative pottery.  This large duck figure has become one of his signature forms. The piece is coil built and slipped with white clay.  It is in the shape of a duck with extended “feathers” on the head and tail.  The eyes are white areas an the eyes and bill have a rounded texture.  On this piece, there are eleven large heartline deer painted around the piece.  They are painted in his own style with elongated necks.  Anderson has an elegant and modern stylization of the heartline deer on his pottery.  The heartline deer is a classic image in Zuni pottery, with the heart representing the strength and spirit of the animal. It is fascinating how a piece can appear both modern and yet reflect cultural history and charm.  The coloration is classic Zuni black-and-white.  The piece is complex in both form and design.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Anderson Peynetsa”, 2022