Roda, Andrew – “Four of a Kind”, Oil on Canvas, 24″w x 48″

24" x 48"" unframed 30.5 x 55 framed

$ 14,500.00

This painting by Andrew Roda is entitled “Four of a Kind“.  It is oil on canvas. Andrew is known for the realism of his paintings. Andrew often paints from his own collection, and that includes all of these boots!

Andrew Roda is a western realist oil painter based in Los Angeles, CA.  Often known for bold colors and high contrast settings for his classic Americana subject matter, Roda’s technique conveys attention to detail and realism while still embracing a painterly effect to his work.  Best described as a contemporary take on the classic Trompe-l’oeil still life, Andrew’s use of light, shadow, and contrast creates an incredible depth of field in his work, vividly bringing his subjects to life off the canvas.

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